The development of Safe Notes application and cryptography take a lot of work and effort. You can continue using it for non-commercial purposes in accordance with the license. Registration is not required.

You can help us in several ways. From facebook-like to donation. Thank you!

You can request a registration key, but only do this if you really love Safe Notes. Reg-key will let you expand options of the program and can increase encryption strength to ultra-high security. Your data would then be protected even in case of a theoretical attack of billions of supercomputers.

Every unique registration key is created only for one specific person. SafeNotes of course uses extremely safe technology for reg-key generation and time cost is very high. Another time cost is for processing the request and sending the reg-key via e-mail. Those are direct costs for each registration.

That's why it's possible to send reg-key only to a limited number of applicants for each month.

Do you need to register?

Basis unregistered version protect your data in value over $174 billion dollars. ​Brute-force will cost attacker upwards of $174 000 000 000. What is your data worth? Need you more data protection? Maybe not! When yes is the answer, basis registration can change safety to $748 000 000 000 billion dollars or more. Detailed info available in Safe Notes White Papers.

Registered personal non-commercial version

We have different types of licences for different needs. There are two types of licensing:
Class A - Each license is fixed to the user and is transferable to any computer.
Class B - Each license is fixed to the user and to a single computer and is non-transferable.

Every license file is protected by password.

The question for you: when in future license would cost $29 you choose 96-bit Class A or 2240-bit Class B?

Write answer in registration email. The 96-bit subkey protect your data in value over $748 billion billion dollars ($748 000 000 000 000 000 000).

How to register and info about registrations and licenses available here.