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Every day, SafeNotes life costs about 80 euros. We can not sponsor it forever.

You can donate money or cryptocurrency to the authors of SafeNotes. There is no minimal amount for your donation. If you can afford to donate a few euros, dollars or bitcoins, please do it.

Thank you!

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We have a new payment method :-) And the first three donors will gain gold membership! Please send us an info email before sending your bitcoins. Or, immediately after sending bitcoins, send the message to our registration e-mail address.

If you want to make a Bitcoin donation, use the following address:

Bitcoin donation

Bitcoin Address: 1BTC1neRyVXSD1RHV1ZYq2wADBH3QroEBm

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If you want, you can also donate with other cryptocurrencies:

Litecoin Address: LTCoinLXmbXWFaXRNjG9wLPfcvw3ixncXe

Bitcoin Cash Address (Legacy): 1BCC1ESdVypBLGWYKmPg6Wu1b3PouH51JN

Through these addresses, you also vote for the implementation of selected cryptocurrency into the next SafeNotes v5.0.2 application.

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If you want to make a direct donation via bank transfer, use the following account details:

Bank: Fio banka a.s., Slovakia, European Union
IBAN: SK4683300000002501029126
Subject/Reference: Donation/Fin.dar

Our bank fees by payment method: SEPA 0 € / SHA or BEN 8 €
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Thanks to your donations we will be able to continue developing our projects.

Software projects:
- SafeNotes, privacy for everyone. Everyone should have this program on their computer.
- Halium, audio measuring system
- Lossless audio packer (compression ratio about 4:1)
- Unique audio data reconstruction (44/16 to 192kHz/24bit). Can convert your CDs to Master Tape quality.
- Unique painting reconstruction. Originally developed for Mona Lisa from Leonardo DaVinci.
- Another color scheme. Other color interpretation than with RGB, HSV, LAB, etc. Used for painting reconstruction.
- Detector/remover of backdoors in popular security software
Audio projects:
- Genuine loudspeaker and headphones measurement
- Natural coherent sound with loudspeakers. How to make the best sound in the world.
Health projects:
- Cancer (often it's not really fatal)
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Celiac disease
- Paradentitis
- Psoriasis
Freedom and Security:
- Unbreakable encryption. Mathematically aproved as identical to Vernam/One-pad security.
- Energy from vacuum. High-efficiency, clean, but not free energy! Inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla.
- Democracy in the global world. Mathematical logic used in real life.

and much more....