Safe Notes

SafeNotes is easy to use for anyone, multi-purpose tool, with military grade, up to 16384-bit cascade encryption to secure your data.

Can safely store your private notes, web passwords, Bitcoins wallets, credit card pins, photos and more. It can be used for secure emails.

Non-commercial freeware  
Installer • 64/32bit Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/98/95
Downloaded 699 times in the last 30 days.



As with Notepad, you can easily open or create, edit, and save any text information that is safely stored.

Genuine password checker and creator, very precise with nice graphics design.

Steganography, to hide information within the picture, so it is impossible to detect this.

Ultra secure Bitcoin wallet creator, using a precise safe random generator and three-step independent verification.



Very precise implementation with strongest crypto-algorithms used in cascade.

Independent keys, with six different ciphers uses symmetric encryption with 6720-bits. With the Premium version you can use eight encryption algorithms and up to 16384-bits.

Sensitive information (e.g. passwords) are stored always only in encrypted form with random session key.

Every saved document is fully checked and verified for 100% correct encrypting and saving. All memory operation is wiped after use.



You need only remember one single master password for absolute security for all you data.

True random password generator for your web and app accounts.

Can by used as a very comfortable password manager.

The advanced user mode with an extended range of password characters can significantly increase password security.


  • Safe store of your private notes, texts, info about credit cards, pins, passwords, bitcoin wallets, photos or pictures.
  • Create ultra secure Bitcoin wallet addresses, version 5.0.2 and higher, coming soon.
  • Secure mailing with simple copy & paste technique. Safe transfer of private documents, texts, photos via internet.
  • Steganography, hiding information inside the picture so thats it is impossible to detect this. It meets the strongest military standards. Can by use high grade image size resampler with Bicubic, Lanczos, Catmull-Rom, Mitchell, Gausian and other resample filters.
  • Genuine Password Checker and Generator, very precise with nice graphics design. Charts contains the entire history of computer performance. It can display the real strength of entered passwords for many popular encryption tools such as TrueCrypt, Keepass, PasswordSafe, 7zip, VeraCrypt, etc. It also includes high grade approximation of the future progress of decryption for the next millennium.
  • Wipe Tool, this is a sensitive data destruction tool, for secure delete files or free space wipe from hard drive or memory keys. You can choose from five different algorithms, such as U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(E) or Gutmann method.
  • Extreme password engine, high security even with a short password.
  • The strongest crypto algorithms are used simultaneously with safe-cascade.
    Note: When AES encryption is broken, more than 99% security software will not be secure. For SafeNotes this is not a problem.
  • Very easy to use and very easy installation. The intelligence and power is hidden inside the application with hundreds of thousands source code lines.
  • SafeNotes is a quantum-safe cryptography.
  • Supports all versions of Windows, Linux system with Wine.
  • Fully documented encryption module. Source code on web.
  • In English with support for other language mutations.
  • Highly portable; you can use only one exe application without installation. None information is writed out of data directory.
Top Secret - Safe Notes


Main window
Password dialog
Change file to safe
Stored secret notes
Mail encryption
Secure mailing in GMail
Encrypt Tool
Bitcoin donation Wallet tool - 28 Screenshots from SafeNotes 5.0.2 Beta - final release coming soon.....

Safe Notes - Cryptography

Why is SafeNotes secure?

Because it uses onlythe best and worldwide accepted hashes and cipher algorithms with precise implementation, and its encoding technique and output file structure is fully documented. Anyone may inspect the created output file from the input data and check it for backdoors or errors.

How secure are the encrypted SafeNotes files?

SafeNotes uses the finest hash algorithm with cycle cascading to generate unique key from passphrase, public master key and salt, and the best encode algorithm in cascade to encode the document. These are the best hash and encode algorithm and, used in these form,are absolutely unbreakable.

The only weak point is your password. Using purely random alphanumerically characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) as your passphrase, you need to specify 11 unique characters for 64-bit security. To solve this problem there is built-in passphrase dialog always displaying computed password quality.

What are the details of the encryption used in SafeNotes?

Your password is used as input to create the subkeys and the safekey. Cryptographic functions as SHA1, RipeMD160, Tiger2, SHA256, RipeMD320, SHA512, PBKDF2, BCrypt, SafeCrypt are used for key creation. The number of iterations is 52224.

Ciphers for encryption are AES, Blowfish, Twofish, IDEA, CAST6 and Serpent. They are used one after another in cascade with separate keys and initialization vectors. This requires a key with a 2240-bit length. SafeNotes uses three independent keys, one for head, one for salt and one for data encryption. This will increase the need for keys to 6720-bit. Much more than the most commonly used 128-bit and 256-bit keys.

Typically data is compressed before encryption using zlib, a standard deflate algorithm, described in RFC 1951 and RFC 1950. Two type of Salt is used to prevent rainbow table attacks. First salt, named as Public Master Key, is used after password entering. Second salt is used when file is being saved.

The data in the file header section contains information about the file size, file name and file modification times as well as version information, integrity checksum etc. Header is encrypted with unique key without ties to key for data encryption. For integrity checking two 48bit CRCs are used, binary compatible with CRC32 & CRC16. First is created for original unencrypted data stream and second for all data after encryption including the file header.

Detailed info available in SafeNotes White Papers.


Safe Notes
Non-commercial freeware
For Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/95 (64/32 bit)
You can download setup or zipped archive file.

Although this software is free please donate to help support the software and site costs.
Everyone who donates 4 euro or more can use Anonymous License.
Operating System Version Download Type Descrption
Windows 32/64bit 5.0.1 Setup exe SafeNotes installer. Recommended for all users.
You can also use an external mirror to download Setup from
Windows 32/64bit 5.0.1 Archive zip Recommended for experience users. Must be manually unpack and install or used as portable version.
Windows 32/64bit 5.0.0 Archive zip Older version.
Windows 32/64bit 4.9.2 Archive zip Older version.
File Checksums:
Ver 5.0.1
Setup MD5: 9c78ca55dbfeac1a24cdbac06a718731 / SHA1: a720b711de7736f43b7df7a5483f256c233712c6
ZIP MD5: 149debae02160e4e162f4a5d625015a3 / SHA1: ea69b1eae1645cec9f8896bcf1eea43ec149cccb
Application MD5: d1f8234c8e7c95b3e4b89993fc80dcdc / SHA1: a42b01e7416cdb654fb2e54b248b371d74b15f0c

Ver 5.0.0
Setup MD5: ed394db147830cbe01dc49b911dd19d1 / SHA1: 7ce34747601a61ac5d49cbc25ab2a7a69663d5e7
ZIP MD5: dbbf14d0d4579e6ea11777427bd02e72 / SHA1: 3647be3067df9327473e9bf07bda7de076116cd1
Application MD5: a2cb74711fac13c2b5dbc2e8f9da4528 / SHA1: 86105fd191f6eb4988b8e2a0663a5807b768f11a

Ver 4.9.2
Setup MD5: 40c383a97faf6ed33e50b5fc16754d6d / SHA1: 335b18506bf5d1650464511798135ea0e15a86ce
ZIP MD5: 44f4013a85036e376fc50d7430f76ad6 / SHA1: 65160d9f377de55029c5fd9c0f66d2249da22a56
Application MD5: 75723697cbc7b7fc44dbbb6360ebef12 / SHA1: 3f6134409a18d95899f48a9d0179b27fced344c3

Guarantee 100% clean
Application does not contain any form of malware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. You can use scanning technology (from more than 50 companies e.g. AVG, Ad-Aware, Avast, Avira, BitDefender, Comodo, DrWeb, ESET-NOD, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda, Symantec, Zoner) provided by VirusTotal for detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware. Here is the VirusTotal results for SafeNotes. And here is another results from , from Softpedia and from FileHippo.
Safe Notes - source
Full source code. The created zipped archive is encrypted with the SafeNotes. This encryption is so good, that nobody can hack it and even the NSA with world-best supercomputers cannot break it. Therefore we chose it for self-encryption.
Operating System Version Download Type
Windows 32/64bit 4.9 - 5.0 Source code snf
This is only for programmers. Must be decrypt with correct password in Safe Notes application (command line parameters /decrypt filename.snf). After successfully decoding unpack to a directory and run the batch file "create_exe.bat". Package includes everything you need, compiler, all the resources, private keys, additional applications, see readme.txt. Published exe application was created exactly from this data with described procedure. When where usefull, we will publish password in future.
File Checksums:
MD5: 80b51290997334b32e70bc4954b71f98
SHA1: af809763670912b2e4f922f4f15efc7b457cf056

What is the difference between various types of SafeNotes license/registration?
Privacy for everyone
Encrypt tool
Wipe tool
Password generator
Password checker
Bitcoin wallet
Advanced settings
More ciphers
Password + Keyfiles
Configurable encryption
Premium support
New generation ciphers
added to cascade (~16384 bit)
Encryption cascade 4x 6x 8x
Keys security 2240+128 bits 2240+384 bits
(up to 2240 bits)
2240+2240 bits
(up to 16384 bits)
Salt/Encryption-key 256/2240 bits 256/2240 bits 256/2240 bits
Steganography uses security Unlimited
3x2240 bits
3x2240 bits
3x2240 bits
How can I get this version? Free Download Send a request using
the application or
use anonymous license
Send a request using
the application
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Thanks to your donations we will be able to continue developing our projects.

Software projects:
- SafeNotes, privacy for everyone. Everyone should have this program on their computer.
- Halium, audio measuring system
- Lossless audio packer (compression ratio about 4:1)
- Unique audio data reconstruction (44/16 to 192kHz/24bit). Can convert your CDs to Master Tape quality.
- Unique painting reconstruction. Originally developed for Mona Lisa from Leonardo DaVinci.
- Another color scheme. Other color interpretation than with RGB, HSV, LAB, etc. Used for painting reconstruction.
- Detector/remover of backdoors in popular security software
Audio projects:
- Genuine loudspeaker and headphones measurement
- Natural coherent sound with loudspeakers. How to make the best sound in the world.
Health projects:
- Cancer (often it's not really fatal)
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Celiac disease
- Paradentitis
- Psoriasis
Freedom and Security:
- Unbreakable encryption. Mathematically aproved as identical to Vernam/One-pad security.
- Energy from vacuum. High-efficiency, clean, but not free energy! Inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla.
- Democracy in the global world. Mathematical logic used in real life.

and much more....

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin (11 Nov. 1755)

"Privacy is a fundamental prerequisite to liberty. Guardian of privacy is Safe Notes." — Peter H.Mind, the founder and CEO of ArtbyMind

"Encryption should be enabled for everything by default, not a feature you turn on only if you're doing something you consider worth protecting." Read more in "Why We Encrypt" by Bruce Schneier, an internationally renowned security expert and author on security issues.

"I have been looking around for years for a proper application to securely store notes and I have to say, I think this is THE app I have been waiting for. Thank you so much for creating this ..." — message from Safe Notes user A.S.